ReSkill training involves in-class and online training as well as a final assessment.

The in-class and online training will be divided into two rounds.

In-class training will be delivered in two periods of two-months-long seminars in each programme country: M23-M24 and M26-M27. In the meantime (M25) an assessment and review of the programme delivery will take place. Both periods will be assessed by a toolkit by AUA and Romalimenta.

120 students will participate in the in-class seminars from each project country with a total of 360.

A part, not more than 30% of the total in-class training hours, may be delivered through synchronous-learning virtual classes in order to allow for additional flexibility and accessibility for both the students and the trainers. By allowing for virtual synchronous classes, trainers and FA industry experts from all participating countries can teach in the in-class component to students of other countries thus providing a truly transnational training delivery experience.

OPCALIM will coordinate the in-class training delivery.

Online training will be delivered in two rounds in each programme country: one 3 months round and a one two-month round. In the meantime, an assessment and review of the programme delivery will take place. Online training will begin one month before the in-class training in order to prepare the students better and ensure their smooth transition to the more demanding parts of the later stages of the training programme. Students will be able to make use of the training material and digital content developed in O4 during the online course delivery as well as after.

The online course will be accessible to all potential students interested in the training programme and not only to the 360 that will also follow the in-class component. The aim is to attract at least an additional 80 students per programme country that will follow only the online component bringing the total number of students to 200 (120 in-class + 80 online) in every country and 600 in total.

Eurotraining will coordinate the online training delivery.